Why Choose HostGator?

September 18th, 2013

Why should HostGator be considered as your website hosting option? If you are particularly looking for a hosting option that works best with CMS platform, then there is no doubt that HostGator is the best of its kind. In addition, HostGator is also a viable and affordable option for other web hosting purposes. The many years of experience and good reputation that this exceptional hosting provider has speaks for the quality of HostGator. It has to be noted that HostGator runs the latest version of supporting software and is protected by suPHP for the highest level of security. There is a feature called “Quickinstall” which makes it super easy to install any CMS system on your blog. If you have a blog that is hosted elsewhere, HostGator can transfer it over to the new location complete free of charge. Are you still pondering on why you should make the switch? There is no harm in trying it out– especially if you have the HostGator Black Friday 2013 coupon which will reduce the price of the service even lower.

HostGator Promo Coupon Provides Savings

February 22nd, 2013

hgCreated in 2002, HostGator is a web domain management firm that is geared towards helping its customers develop their online influence. The company allows users to create, purchase and maintain their URLs to develop websites around their personal or professional needs. A HostGator coupon code provides savings to users by providing another way to expose the customers to money-saving opportunities while taking advantage of their numerous services.

Web domain management is important to a number of different types of customers. Business owners need to use their website to attract and maintain new clients, while some individuals use their site to build and publish personal blogs or portfolios. No matter what type of customer falls within HostGator’s reach, they are all able to use their top of the line services at the lowest available rates. The company goes out of their way to make sure they are giving their users exactly what they need without taking too much out of their pockets at the same time.

For an introductory rate of $3.96 per month, customers can open up access to Host Gator and begin using their services. After that, customers have the option of adding additional services that will increase their cost; however, the increases are at low rates to help you save money. No matter what your goals are for creating the website that you need, Host Gator has all the web domain management services that are pertinent to your goal.

Beyond the basics, HostGator continues to find new ways to provide its customers with all the services they need, and perhaps reveal some that they hadn’t yet considered. For example, at the low rate of $19.96 you can create a web reselling company that works directly through HostGator. Your small business will begin selling available web domains to new customers and Host Gator will cut you in on the profits. Instead of being a company that’s primarily interested in getting you to spend money on their products, HostGator has created an avenue that allows users to make money at the same time.

Beyond this option, users can find other ways to work with HostGator to make sure they are getting everything they need from the company. For example, if you currently have a domain that is managed by another company, you can opt to move all of the information over to Host Gator in one simple process. By contacting a HostGator representative, you can get all of your files, databases and anything else moved over at once. The best aspect of this service is that HostGator performs it for free. No matter the amount of content that you have in place; the HostGator team will take care of the entire process for you without you having to pay a dime.

Web domain management is vital for those who are looking to build their online influence for personal or business gain. HostGator is a premier company that will help all of its customers reach their goals, while doing so at low rates.

One Size Fits All: Bluehost Review

July 17th, 2011

What are the advantages of a single package-fits-all, such as Utah-based Bluehost offers?  Whether you are putting up a personal website or planning an ecommerce outfit, you will pay the same and get the same from this provider according to a Bluehost review.  And as you might expect from such an arrangement, the price is middle-of-the-road.

The simplicity is one advantage, with no confusion over which features you get with your plan, as everyone gets the same.  So while Bluehost, at $6.95 a month, may not appeal to the user looking primarily for affordability, it would be hard to find such a feature-rich package elsewhere on a lower cost plan.

Some might argue that this single plan gives less flexibility than the usual three or more packages aimed at different kinds of users, but Bluehost has been doing this since 1996 and currently hosts over a million websites.  They also claim to be gaining 20,000 new customers a month and say they constantly improve their services.  So perhaps they are doing something right.